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"Hey, time out! There will be absolutely no use of superpowers to settle domestic disagreements!" -- Barbara Gordon, Birds of Prey
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About Books, Comics & Things
Books, Comics & Things is a second generation family-owned and run business located in Fort Wayne, Indiana. It was originally established in 1981 as a used book store under the name Book Traders next to the Georgetown shopping center. Within two years the decision was made to expand into carrying comic books, sports cards, and games along with gently used books. Additionally, the name of the business was changed to Books, Comics & Things to reflect its new purpose and focus towards comic books and games rather than used books and sports cards, which were eventually phased out shortly thereafter.

In 1987, a second location was opened on Fort Wayne's western side in the Westland Mall. Both stores continued to thrive and soon became the leading retail stores in the area that specialized in collectible comics and games. By 1990, the Westland Mall location had outgrown its limited store capacity and moved across the street to the Time Corners shopping center where it resides today.

Currently, the company employs seven people. Tracy Scott is the owner/manager of the Georgetown location while Judy Scott oversees the Time Corners store. Both locations passionately promote the hobbies of collecting comics and gaming and have earned a very loyal customer base throughout their thirty-two year history because of their dedicated customer service and way of doing business.

Books, Comics & Things offers the following services to our customers:

    * A discount subscription service to comic book customers who preorder five or more titles. Order a combination of 35 items or more and get an increased discount on your subscription. This includes comics, magazines, toys, posters, action figures, statues, trade paperbacks, graphic novels, price guides, movies and collector items listed in Previews magazine.

    * A Gamer's Club where frequent customers who buy $250 or more in gaming products during the year can receive a discount on future purchases.

    * Mail order and shipping on all preorders or purchases should you be unable to visit our store. Books, Comics & Things ships worldwide on all orders.

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