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Author Topic: Dawnforge: Crucible of Legend  (Read 8454 times)

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« on: December 10, 2007, 07:08:19 PM »

Dawnforge beckons you to a mythic age of epic heroes, great empires, high magic, legendary beasts, and titanic conflicts. In the world of Dawnforge, the vast ancestral homeland of the elves has never known the bite of axe and flame. The greatmountain kingdoms of dwarves and giantkind watch each other warily under the tattered banner of an uneasy truce. Newborn empires reach the height of their glory, and wars and intrigues are spawned where their destinies collide. Intrepid adventurers explore a primeval and untamed land, but both terrible danger and untold wealth await them in the wild places.

These are the first days of the world, and the still swollen with the arcane forces of creation. Legendary creatures of terrible might and foul purpose stalk the fringes of civilization andlurk in the dark corners of the earth. Archmages reach beyond the veil of the world to create spells and artifacts of awesome power. The princes, warlords, and kingsof countless races and nations struggle and scheme to control the eldritch wells that tap the magic flowing through the land. In Dawnforge, glory is not lost and the magic and wonder of a mythic world are priceless treasures to be nutured and protected.

The Dawnforge campaign setting invites roleplayers to explore a mythic world and an age of legend through the heroes they create and play. It is a world of rising civilizations surrounded by vast wildlands that have yet to be tamed. It is a world both familiar and exotic, a setting in which the players can identify with their characters and still explore new horizons and experience the thrill of discovery. On an urgent mission to Avennar, the heroes are plungled into the chivalry and intrigue of the noble courts of the Kingsmarch. In their search for a fabled elven oracle under the darkened eaves of enchanted Sildanyr, they encounter fey magic and are caught in a bitter war. They must brave planetouched sorcerers and a fiendish legacy to save an imprisoned celestial from the summoning pits of Valhedar. In service to a merchant-prince of Ebernath, the heroes sail the Sunset Reach and hunt for dragon eggs in teh rugged mountains of Tamerland. Dawnforge offers players a fantastic world of breathtaking beauty and epic challenge.

It is a time of endless possibilities, and heroes can chart their own courses and determine their own destinies. It is an age of wonder, and true heroes can become legends. A dwarven warrior froges a new clan and gives his name to a legacy that will endure for centuries. A trueborn lord wins a throne and changes the course of history. An elven wizard weaves teh threads of magic into an intricate tapestry and transforms his ancient craft into an art. A halfling disciple builds a church and gifts a new religion to her people.

Heroes in the Dawnforge campaign setting do not just retrace the paths of legends - they have a chance to create new ones. They do not just unearth the glory of the past -they can help to define their world and shape its future. In this mythic age, even fledgling heroes are guided by the heavy hand of fate. They may begin as novice sellswords, landless knights, apprentices or acolytes, but an epic destiny awaits those special few with the courage and fortune to seize it.

The rules of Dawnforge are designed to allow you to create and play epic heroes in this world of magic and legend. Racial triats and transformations allow you to play a hulking minotaur or an ageless elf lord. New classes and rules for magic allow you to create and play mythic characters with a unique and personal connection to the primal magic of the world. With legendary classes and legendary paths, your hero can win fame and renown that bards will sing of in ages to come.

Players in this game will need a copy of the Dawnforge Campaign Setting book. The player's guide, Age of Legend, is recommended but strictly optional. We will be making our way through the Dawnforge adventure, Path of Legend, so please try to avoid reading this book if you decide to order/purchase the Dawnforge: the Essential Collection ($39.95).

Allowed player races include doppelganger, dwarf, elf (dawn elf, night elf), gnome, halfling, human (highlander, lowlander, saltblood, trueborn), lizardfolk, minotaur, ogre, orc, tiefling, or yuan-ti thinblood. Allowed classes include disciple (replaces cleric), shaman (replaces druid), shaper, spirit adept, plus any core class from the D&D Player's Handbook with the exception of cleric and druid.

Interested individuals should post here with questions. I will start the pbp campaign once a minimum of three players have indicated the desire to play.
« Reply #1 on: December 15, 2007, 03:22:37 AM »

i think i'll play
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